sw-pc.com is no more

It saddens me to report, after nearly 13 years since it first started, the South West Performance Car Forum has been officially shut down.

Everyone here at South West Performance Car would like to thank everyone who has helped make this website happen over the last 13 years. From the members to the Admins. It wouldnt of been possible without you all. So Thank you!

What was sw-pc.com

South West Performance Car was an online community which brought together various performance car enthusiasts and owners from all walks of life throughout the South West of England. Regardless of the car you owned if you had the passion then this community was for you. The community was started in October 2003 by Karl & Bjorn Edney and the numbers has steadily grown as the word is passed around. In late 2008 Karl & Bjorn decided to go on to bigger and better things. It was then when I took over the site with plans to keep the website alive. The site reached its height around 2008/2009, when facebook became more popular and easier to talk to people on. Since then the interest in a small local forum died off. With visitors rarely coming to the site, and post were starting to only be made by spammers.

South West Performance Car held various events throughout the years, from national car shows to local pub meets/ curry nights. These days were very good fun, however as people move on so has the car scene and people have list interest and moved on to other adventures.

In 2007 South West Performance Car won an award for "Best Car Club" and then in 2008 we went on and won the "best of the best" award at the Modified Mania car show at Exeter Racecource.